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Charlie Sheen Wants To Judge American Idol

by Photo of Kryshel Charles

He wants a hand in producing winners.

Charlie Sheen Wants To Judge American Idol

Charlie Sheen thinks he should have a say in who becomes the next American Idol. After all, he knows all about "winning." The show is currently looking for new judges now that Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler have announced their departure. Nigel Lythgoe, "Idol" producer, says that he understands their decision because "they've got a much bigger career than just sitting there judging." "American Idol" is even considering changing their judges ever year.

According to New Musical Express (NME), Sheen claims that Lythgoe reached out to him  but other reports say that he is still in the process of hoping that his interest gets Lythgoe's attention. In other words, he could just be speaking this call int existence to do so. He was surprised by the call, but says it "seems so out of the blue that it almost makes perfect sense." Lythgoe must've heard Sheen's highly anticipated "Winning" single with Snoop Dogg and Carmen Electra back in May.

The former Two & A Half Men star told host, Ryan Seacrest that he is genuinely interested in being a judge "This could be a lot of fun...It's so different, it could be radical." said Sheen on Seacrest's radio show.  

This would be a radical move on the part of "Idol" but it isn't the first. Back in 2010, they brought on talk show host/comedian, Ellen DeGeneres as a judge to boost their ratings. Unfortunately, the show's plans didn't work out as intended. They continued to battle with "Dancing With the Stars" for best weekly ratings. "American Idol" hired DeGeneres because she is a people person with a great spirit, but she proved to be only that on the series. Viewers noticed that DeGeneres brought "no musical expertise to her role" and others complained that she was "more of a cheerleader" than a critic. 

DeGeneres seemed to realize this too when she opted out of her 2-year contract. She released a statement saying, "this didn't feel like the right fit for me." She found it difficult to judge people and even feared hurting their feelings. 

I fear that if American Idol is really considering Charlie Sheen to be a future judge, they hope he will do what Ellen could not. But they fail to see that his uninhibited sense of humor may send old fans running back to "American Idol," for all the wrong reasons. His presence could also turn a lot of other fans and possibly future participants away. "Idol" contestants have been offered words of wisdom by people like Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, both who have made a name for themselves in the music industry. How could the criticism or praises of Charlie Sheen, who as of late has made himself most known in the tabloids, be of any merit to an amateur singer? Sheen has no musical ability himself! The decision to cast him could cause "American Idol" to lose its credibility as a producer of great artists and simply become a comedy platform for Charlie Sheen.

Sheen probably shouldn't get his hopes too high because Lythgoe probably has a long list of possible people. I've even heard that Aretha Franklin has been confirmed as one of the new judges, and if there's a showdown between Charlie Sheen and the Queen of Soul for the last spot, we all know who won't be winning. 

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