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Watch: No Doubt Not Ready to "Settle Down"

by Photo of Emily Smibert

No Doubt is back with their first single in nearly a decade

Watch: No Doubt Not Ready to

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It's been nearly a decade since California ska rockers, No Doubt released their last single, "It's My Life." However, No Doubt has reunited and just released their music video for the new album's first single, "Settle Down."

In this energetic reunion themed video, fans are clearly told to "get in line and settle down." Bright lights, splashes of color and addicting dance beats will have listeners itching to get up and dance. 

Back in 2004, when lead singer Gwen Stefani announced she intended to pursue a solo career, she always "assured fans that No Doubt remained an ongoing musical concern." The group's lengthy hiatus may have allowed Stefani be a successful solo artist, but she certainly has kept her word. 

Returning to her musical roots, Stefani and the other No Doubt members have started back right where they left off--  "following a path they've traversed their entire career: tapping into Latin and Caribbean-tinged beats, merging them with American pop and rock music, and accenting them with that No Doubt-ian accent."

I think its safe to say that No Doubt is officially back and this single is ready to be added to your summer dance playlists. Enjoy!

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