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Too Many Arrests in Pro Sports?

by Photo of Thomas Decker

Dez Bryant and Jason Kidd became the most recent of many professional athletes that have had run-ins with the law this summer.

Too Many Arrests in Pro Sports?

In an NFL offseason that already features the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, a remarkable number of player arrests isn't making it go any smoother. 

On Sunday in Miami, Denver Broncos linebacker Elvis Dumervil was arrested on charges of aggravated assault with a firearm. Dumervil's mishap made him the 26th player in the NFL to be arrested since Super Bowl Sunday February 5. Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant became number 27 on Monday when he was arrested for a domestic dispute with his mother. 

27 arrests in a mere 23 weeks is a staggering number for one professional league.The list of players ranges from veterans like David Diehl (June DWI), to superstars like Adrian Peterson (resisting arrest in July), all the way down to rookies who haven't played a game yet (see Just Blackmon June DUI). 

The NBA isn't completely innocent either. This past weekend in leu of the Jeremy Lin saga, another New York Knicks point guard was making headlines. Recently signed veteran, and former All-Star, Jason Kidd was arrested on DWI charges in the Hamptons after crashing his car into a pole. Kidd became one of seven NBA players arrested since June 12, 2011, when his former team the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals.

While the NBA number of 7 arrests in 13 months seems like nothing compared to the NFL's 27 arrests in 5 months, it still needs to be addressed. These arrest totals should give both leagues a reason to worry, not just the NFL. The question should be raised, how do we stop these numbers from getting higher

In my opinion, stricter suspensions have to be issued. For many of these players, fines become pocket change after a while. With the lucrative contracts players are receiving these days, fines aren't going to stop them from making wrong decisions. If a player feels he could let his team down by getting suspended after an arrest, maybe these numbers might decrease. When players get arrested in the offseason, they usually don't miss any games or practice time once their respective seasons begin. This shouldn't be the case. Professional athletes should be held accountable for their decisions no matter if they're in season or out of season.

Seeing all these arrests on the Internet and on ESPN creates a negative image for both leagues. Young kids idolize these players and the arrests need to be cut down. Discipling arrested players with hefty suspensions I believe can help decrease these arrest totals and stop these situations from getting worse.

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