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Viacom and DirecTV Go Head to Head, Everyone Loses

by Photo of Hannah Rettoun

All the finger-pointing leaves customers without their favorite shows.

Viacom and DirecTV Go Head to Head, Everyone Loses

Viacom and DirecTV have been having some issues lately regarding their carriage fees, and they can't seem to find a viable solution. 

According to UPROXX.com, DirecTV has been marketing online episode streaming as an alternative to the full Viacom networks, and Viacom wasn't having it. In retaliation, the entertainment conglomerate pulled internet access on several of its episodes online. 

If you're subscribed to DirecTV, you're now without Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, BET, Vh1, Vh1 Classic, CMT, Logo, Spike, TV Land, Nickelodeon, TeenNick, Nick Jr, and probably Nick Sr. too. That's a lot of Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Spongebob Squarepants that I wouldn't want to miss. 

I was curious to see what would happen if I tried to watch one of those shows online anyway, but a big black and yellow sign appears that says "FULL EPISODES ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. WE APOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVENIENCE" in all caps, to let you know they're angry. Other times, you get a popup that has a short video saying "DirecTV dropped 26 of your favorite channels." They even give you a number to call in to complain about it. 

Let's hope this gets resolved soon. My shows come back on in a week. 

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