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Louis Freeh's Penn State Investigation Report Released

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The independent investigation report is not pretty for Penn State.

Louis Freeh's Penn State Investigation Report Released

In this article…

Louis Freeh's report on his investigation into the Penn State scandal involving Jerry Sandusky and several high-ranking officials in the university, including head coach Joe Paterno, was released today.  Freeh's firm, Freeh, Sporkin & Sullivan, were retained by the Special Investigations task force in November of 2011 to run an independent investigation into the claims, facts, and circumstances regarding the Grand Jury Report on the Penn State Scandal.  The 267-page report hits Penn State hard.

Freeh and his team (which included a former Navy SEAL) conducted over 430 interviews with current/former university employees, current/past trustees, former coaches, former athletes, and various members of the community.  They analyzed over 3.5 million emails.  The investigation was swift and incredibly thorough, and it revealed a great deal about the lack of accountability and policy in place during the time of Sandusky's transgressions.   

Here is the press release from earlier this morning: Freeh Press Release

The full investigation report can be accessed at Freeh's website, thefreehreportonpsu.com.  Here were the main points highlighted in the press release:

  • Penn State failed to implement provisions of the Clery Act, which was passed in 1990.  This act pertains to the disclosure of information about crime on or near the campus, and PSU's Clery Act Implementation plan was still in draft form when Sandusky was arrested.  The Clery Act hadn't been discussed by the Board of Trustees until November of 2011.
  • Paterno and other leaders in the university knew about both of the major Sandusky incidents: the 1998 police investigation and the 2001 shower incident that was witnessed by Michael McQueary.  They took actions to, in essence, cover up the incidents.
  • The Board of Trustees failed to create an environment that could hold all the men responsible for failing to act properly accountable.  The Board and Mr. Spanier were incredibly unprepared to deal with incidents like these and there were no proper protocols or regulations set in place.

Here is probably the most damning evidence against Paterno: Freeh spoke in a press conference and said that he could have absolutely stopped all of this had he wished (via Sports Grid).

Because of his passing, Paterno isn't around to defend himself.  But it's hard to defend what's in the report and the statement Freeh made.  Actions not only need to be taken against those that let this happen, but the proper policies need to be put in effect and properly enforced so that something like this doesn't happen again.

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