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Robinson Cano Serenaded With Boos At 2012 Home Run Derby

by Photo of Rob Rubinstein

Cano said fans crossed line when fans were yelling at family.

Robinson Cano Serenaded With Boos At 2012 Home Run Derby

Price Fielder beat out fellow American League All-Star Jose Bautista in the final round of the 2012 State Farm Home Run Derby by a score of 12 home runs to 7. It was Prince Fielder's 2nd home run derby victory, the 1st occurring in the 2009 derby.

What was maybe the bigger story of the night, however, was that AL captain and defending champion Robinson Cano was serenaded with boos by the sell-out crowd at Kauffman Stadium for not selecting Royals All-Star Billy Butler as a participant. The crowd would then cheer each time Cano got an out, indicating their excitement of seeing him fail. This might have gotten into the All-Star second baseman's head because he failed to hit a home run.

Afterward, Cano was asked what he thought of the fans booing him like they did. He said it was fine and that he gets booed all the time when he goes on the road as a New York Yankee, so he is used to it. It just came out this morning, though, that Cano was displeased with the way the Royal fans treated his family inside the stadium, stating that they "crossed the line." He mentioned how they were yelling at his family when they walking through the stadium on their way to the restrooms.

It was unfortunate that the fans stooped to that level to boo Cano like they did, but at the same time Kansas City never has anything to cheer about with their team struggling every year, so it might have been wise for Cano to include Billy Butler.

Bud Selig and Major League Baseball contemplate making changes to the rules of the future home run derby's because of the fans displeasure as well as the overly long event that was the 2012 State Farm Home Run Derby.

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