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Coachella Is Homeless!

by Photo of Kryshel Charles

Coachella to move from Indio after next year’s concert.

Coachella Is Homeless!

Goldenvoice, the company behind the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has threatened to move its concert weekend out of its usual home at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Goldenvoice is responding to the California city's proposed $18 tax on tickets starting in 2014. The City Councilman who is pushing for the measure to be on the ballot in Novemeber currently has the support of almost 3,000 Indio residents.

The proposed tax on tickets could trickle down to Coachella concert-goers, raising the the price of their attendance and possibly preventing many from even attending and seeing crowd-favorites like The Black Keys, Girl Talk and A$AP Rocky. At CHARGED.fm we know all about this. We've dedicated ourselves to creating a less oppressive environment where the fans are paying x-amount to see a show, not x-amount plus an arm and a leg in extra fees.

The threat shouldn't be taken lightly by the city of Indio, after all, it has been the home for the music festival since 1999 and has reaped tons of benefits for the past 13 years. Coachella has become one of the most well-known and highly anticipated concerts of all time, reuniting bands like The Pixies and Pulp, and is the site of West coast rapper, Tupac Shakur's, "resurrection." According to The Wrap , Goldenvoice estimates that their festival generates "over $800,000 in ticket fees, tax revenue of about $9 million in food and beverages sold and a Transient Occupancy tax of more than $800,000.

President, Paul Tollett told The Desert Sun that next year's festival will not only be the biggest and the best of Coachella festivals, but also the last in Indio. Excitement has already been building for the April 2013 festival and I'm sure it's about to reach an all-time high now that it is the last in Indio. I can't wait to see what surprises they'll pull out next.

Let CHARGED.fm get you tickets to see your favorite artists perform this summer.

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