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Dress to the Occasion and Support your Team!

by Photo of Tanya Acuna

Wiz Khalifa’s hit song “Black and Yellow” raised sport fan’s support for their team

Dress to the Occasion and Support your Team!

It's hard not getting sucked into the NBA hype these days with artists making remix songs to integrate NBA teams or players, NBA jerseys flying out the shelves when awaiting player trades come through, and of course many not forgetting the footwear and fitted caps to make the outfit. For those who were not blessed with lyrical or mixing skills, they show their passion for the game by going to the games or wearing either their team's gear or colors. 

With the recent trades that brought high-quality players to the East, the West will be needing a lot of support, and that's exactly what The Game and Snoop Dogg gave the Lakers with their song "purp and yellow" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhPXdbjGLTc). It's like an anthem for Lakers fans or even simply Kobe fans out there. Snoop Dogg may not be the best role model to many, but he's surely a very influential figure to his original targeted generation, and for those who wish to catch him in his upcoming tour, you can check out charged.fm (http://www.charged.fm/product/search/c6de708d390f06c7e2991990a606017f). Thanks to YRB magazine , who keeps me up with all the latest underground, hip hop, and street trends, I found out that in the video, Both Snoop and Game display the Teruo Artistry clothing showing how it's easy and cool to support one's team with purple and yellow wear such as the now famous "most wanted" Kobe shirt (http://www.yrbmagazine.com/blog/post/4763/teruo-artistry).Teruo reminds me in many ways of Yellow Rat Bastard. They are both creative lifestyle brands that believe what we wear defines who we are, so I checked out their site to see if I could pull up a couple of good choices.

So if you are a big Lakers or Kobe fan, there's a couple of things you can do to show it. One, you can use Charged.fm to buy Lakers tickets with great seats and prices (http://www.charged.fm/performer/item/249/los-angeles-lakers). Then, if you don't want to wear a jersey like most others will be doing at the game, you can always go for a simple t-shirt like the one of yrbnyc.com that's yellow and has 5 players names (of course including Bryant) in purple (http://www.yrbnyc.com/product/detail/1810/my-5--o-neil-fox-horry-fisher--bryant-men-s-tee--y/fifty24sf). Now, for the every day wear, if you don't want to scream NBA or Lakers on your attire, you can just go for the team's colors. For example, for men, I liked a purple shirt that has a cool "chillin" bear wearing goggle-like shades like some players wear on the court (http://www.yrbnyc.com/product/detail/2238/design-house--mens-yrb-bear-tee-purple/snowcaptradi). For women who wish to show support or simply attract a Lakers' fans eyes with the team's colors, I liked the purple shirt with the yellow word famous on it (http://www.yrbnyc.com/product/detail/959/famousstars---scroll-rebel---women-s-tee-purple/famousstars).

Then of course there's always the fans who don't just show their support by wearing their team's gear, but also by dissing or anti-supporting another team or player. There's attire for every type of personality, so if you wish to hate on Kobe for example, you can also check out the "f*ck kobe" tee (http://www.yrbnyc.com/product/detail/1101/4thandforever---fuckobe--men-s-tee-grey/4thandforeve). Fashion and Sports don't always go together, but right now, they make a perfect fit so go out and show your support for your team. And if you don't have one, just choose your city's team since they represent you!

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