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Seth Meyers May Be The Next Host of 'Live!'

by Photo of Hannah Rettoun

Meyers is apparently one of three contenders to be the next Regis to Kelly’s Kelly.

Seth Meyers May Be The Next Host of 'Live!'

Seth Meyers is being considered to fill the role of Regis Philbin on Live! (currently just with Kelly). 

The head writer of Saturday Night Live is being weighed against angel-voiced Josh Groban and football star Michael Strahan.  I wouldn't mind Groban as a talk show host, but Strahan is an enormous human being who would make poor Kelly look even tinier than she already does. However, people are saying Meyers is the top choice. 

He will co-host a full week with Kelly starting Monday, July 9.  This could possibly be the test run for a new career. 

If Meyers were to accept the position, he would probably have to step down as head writer at SNL after seven seasons, but hopefully he would continue to anchor Weekend Update.  With Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg leaving SNL this year, I'd be a little verklempt (but not surprised) if Meyers decides to expand his horizons too.  

One of the issues that would come up then would be replacing him as head writer.  Writing supervisors Colin Jost and John Mulaney may be next in line. I'm sure Meyers would trust either of his comrades with the huge undertaking. 

Take a peek at the contenders. Here's Colin Jost discussing the difference between shirts and pants:

And John Mulaney on doing nothing:

Or perhaps the real candidates for head writer would be Josh Groban and Michael Strahan. It all makes sense. Just think about it. 

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