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Jim Breuer is Out of the Oven

by Photo of Trevor Lyon

Jim Breuer performing stand-up shows is western US

Jim Breuer is Out of the Oven

Half-Baked. Hardcore. Goat Boy. If you get this trend, chances are you are already excited for: Jim Breuer. Breuer is back on the road doing a number of stand up gigs in the western US. Breuer first came to prominence through his unorthodox but always entertaining roles on Saturday Night Live , most memorable of these was “Goat Boy,” a half-man, half-goat MTV VJ. Breuer is also known for this relationship to Dave Chappelle, most notably their work on the cult hit Half-Baked. 

If you’ve seen Breuer act, then you know that he can portray a range of characters with equal hilariousness, and if you’ve seen him do stand up, you know that he is just a hilarious guy. Breuer’s standup is a mix of straightforward story telling punctuated by animated miming and voices. Breuer is able to do a number of different accents and dialects; all of them are performed with a hilarious accuracy. In one joke I have seen him progress through impersonations of a college frat boy, an older Scottish man, a Hispanic party go-er, and a reluctant bouncer. Breuer is a truly entertaining comic who should not be passed up.


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