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Russell Brand Hates Candy!

by Photo of Kryshel Charles

La Coacha wears a candy dress and Russel Brand is reminded of Katy Perry.

Russell Brand Hates Candy!

Latina internet personality and Perez Hilton's protege, La Coacha, went to support Russell Brand at the premiere for his new stand-up show, Brand X. However, Brand didn't seem to appreciate La Coacha's presence.

Brand began his walk down the red carpet and immediately noticed a man dressed as his Aldous Snow character from Get Him To The Greek as well as Forgetting Sarah Marshall. What an ego boost! However, not to far away from the fan was La Coacha who Brand assumed was also costumed...as Katy Perry. . La Coacha wore a candy-coated dress, a unique style people immediately connect with Katy Perry. But, Brand took offense to La Coacha's outfit. Uneasy and uncomfortable, the star stormed off the red carpet with his publicist. He was obviously pissed off and was urging his publicist to handle the situation. She approached La Coacha and told her that her outfit was "not cool" and it is rumored that Brand left the party. 

La Coacha took to Twitter and expressed her outrage at the drama that had just taken place. She was offended that people claimed that she dressed like Katy Perry especially when she "wore the candy dress b4 @katyperry @perezhilton party." She recognizes that candy dresses have become Katy Perry's iconic style and even jokes in her Twitter bio that she is "@katyperry candy costume designer." However, La Coacha doesn't think she has to change her own style because of it. 

Coacha's fans and Perez Hilton himself defended the her, claiming that she is known for her crazy style and had indeed been wearing dresses styled by Dylans Candy Bar before the pop star made it her signature look.  A couple of quick Google searches on Brand's side could've prevented the drama." La Coacha was mostly upset that "the press is piss off at me :( comedians need to estop being sensitib!' I think she means sensitive.

Brand's reaction to La Coacha's outfit hints at his still-present love for Katy Perry. One Twitter user joked that "he probably dresses up like her every night before he goes to sleep." Poor Russell probably can't even eat peppermints without thinking of his ex-wife's boobs.

Katy has yet to make a comment on the whole situation, although La Coacha has tagged her in a couple of tweets. She'd probably just shrug and say, "Candy is just a part of me! How can you blame him?"

Watch La Coacha's version of the action below (from the article above).

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