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Watch: Spike Lee's "Red Hook Summer" Trailer

by Photo of Kryshel Charles

The film is set to hit theaters August 10th.

Watch: Spike Lee's

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The godfather of indie films, Spike Lee, has released the trailer for his latest Brooklyn-centric film, Red Hook Summer . Red Hook Summer tells the story of an Atlanta youth named Flik Royale (Jules Brown) who moves to the Brooklyn projects for the summer to be  with his scripture connoisseur grandfather, Bishop Enoch Rouse (Clarke Peters). Upon his arrival,  grandfather, who I must admit reminds me a little of Al Sharpton, warns him that New York is nothing like Atlanta; New Yorkers are shady. In order for Flik to survive in Red Hook, Bishop Rouse believes that he must become a devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

The culture-shock of moving from middle-classed Atlanta to the inner city of Brooklyn coupled with his grandfather's pushy preaching only creates a recipe for unhappiness. Flik is seen constantly reflecting on his life in Atlanta and the mother he misses dearly. But, as we all know, Spike Lee's intention is to never only show the bad of Brooklyn. Flik eventually bonds with a young, female Brooklynite over their crazy families and she shows him that Brooklyn isn't as bad as he thinks. The film promises church hymns, puppy love and gang presence. Mookie, from Lee's Do The Right Thing  movie even makes a comeback in the film. However, it is not a continuation of the 1989 movie.

Red Hook Summer  actually premiered at Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and was met with mixed reviews. Some critics praised it for its ambition, while others downplayed the idea that it was a coming-of-age story and claimed the plot to be aimless. Spike Lee was obviously hurt by some of the feedback he received after the premiere, and claimed that Red Hook Summer  came out exactly the way he intended. He had chosen to do the film independently in order to chronicle his childhood stomping grounds as he wanted. When asked by Chris Rock if it would've been different if he had studio money at his disposal, Lee shared that he "... bought a camera and said we're going to do this ************* thing ourselves. They [studio] know nothing about black people! Nothing!" declared Lee at Red Hook's post-premiere Q&A session.

Since then, Spike Lee has partnered up with New York based distributor Variance Films for a theatrical release this summer. Red Hook Summer will be in New York theaters starting August 10th and elsewhere throughout the month of August.

Check out the Red Hook Summer trailer yourself.

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