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NCAA Presidents Approve New Playoff System for College Football

by Photo of Rob Rubinstein

A four-team playoff will be implemented starting in 2014.

NCAA Presidents Approve New Playoff System for College Football

The BCS and NCAA have been criticized for years because of the design of their playoff system in college football, or more specifically a lack of a playoff system. Finally, a four-team playoff will be put in place, with the playoff starting in 2014 and the terms running until 2025. The semifinals will be held at the regular BCS bowl venues as in previous years, and the National Title Game will be rewarded to the venue that wins a bid for the event. It may not be the perfect system, however, it is a solid step in the right direction for college football.

A selection committee will decide which teams are deserving to reach the four-team style tournament. It's certainly an improvement over the previous system in which a computer indicated the National Championship match-up. This new system will still bring about controversy when it's implemented in two years. It will be extremely difficult to distinguish the difference between the nation's 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th best teams. Who is to say that the #8 school in the country couldn't be in the top 4?

The BCS is making the transformation from a computerized evaluator to arbiters who make choices based upon subjectivity. There could be a scenario in which the #4 school is a one or two loss team from a major conference and the #5 team is an undefeated mid-major, while the inverse could also happen. During the current system the BCS had the excuse that the undefeated school from the mid-major conference wasn't worthy of playing in the title game as one of the top two teams. Now they'll have less of an argument keeping them out of a four team tournament, unless there are multiple undefeated major conference teams.

There is no post-season scenario that can completely eliminate any sort of dispute among rankings, but the current, and soon-to-be old system, has to be one of the worst in professional or collegiate sports. The BCS was pressured by schools, fans, and the media for so many years and they finally caved in and appeased the majority by implementing this new four-team playoff system. Some people may still be dissatisfied, but at least the BCS and NCAA are making strides in the right direction to bring parity to a sport that had very little at the collegiate level.

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