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Tony Parker Suing Soho Nightclub Over the Drake and Chris Brown Fight

by Photo of Erik Reitmeyer

Star pointguard was not too happy to be in the rappers crossfire last Thursday

Tony Parker Suing Soho Nightclub Over the Drake and Chris Brown Fight

Drake and Chris Brown may not be pressing charges against the Soho nightclub where they brawled, but it appears that San Antonio Spurs Tony Parker will be, and to the tune of $20 million.  Parker, who was trying to protect his girlfriend at the time of the fight, suffered an eye injury from some broken glass caused by the fight,  saying the nightclub W.i.P. could've done more to prevent what happened.  Noting the "bad blood" between the two rappers, the club should've either turned one of them away at the door or watched the two rappers and their entourages more closely, claiming they both became extremely intoxicated and should've been cut off much earlier. 

Personally, this sounds like nonsense, can you honestly expect a club to turn away some of the biggest stars in the world?  Maybe Parker's just mad because no one acknowledged his existence at the club until word got out that he was injured in the melee?  As if things weren't bad enough for W.i.P after already being shut down indefinitely, they now have to deal with this.  Isn't $20 million a little excessive over a scratched cornea?  Oh wait that's right, Parker almost had to get stitches.

What do you think, does Parker have a case, or should he just hold his tongue?  Leave your comments below.

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