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NFL News Round-Up

by Photo of Erik Reitmeyer

Harvin wants out of Minnesota, Plax wants in with Carolina, and more from the NFL offseason.

NFL News Round-Up

Just because players are leaving team facilities as summer approaches, it doesn't mean there's any shortage of stories coming out of of team minicamps.  As is usually the case, it was a pair of wide receivers that led the newswire over the past few days. The catch: only one of them appears to be disgruntled.  Here's what's been happening in the NFL over the past few days.

Percy Harvin requests trade, Vikings refuse to oblige 

It took only 24 hours for Percy Harvin to seemingly change his stance on his current situation in Minnesota.  What exactly that situation is has yet to be disclosed, but whatever the case may be, it appears to be serious enough to make Harvin want out of town.  Expressing his desire for a trade, Harvin skipped yesterday's afternoon minicamp practice for reasons he only described as "things" and "issues."  These problems seem to have been short lived however, or at least have been momentarily put to the side as Harvin grudgingly returned to Vikings camp Thursday.  

It's truly impossible to know what the current status of Harvin's position is or what his future intentions are, but this is not good for a team heading into the 2012 season led by a young quarterback and a running back in Adrian Peterson who's coming off a major knee injury.  With limited weapons as it is for Christian Ponder, a disgruntled Percy Harvin is perhaps the last thing Minnesota needs right now.  Expect the relationship between the two to become clearer next month as Vikings training camp begins.

Plax wants to join Cam in Carolina, Panthers say no thanks

If at first you dont succeed, try and try again they say, right?  Unfortunately for Plaxico Burress, he was once again unsuccessful at attempting to sell himself to a specific NFL team.  Right after being released from prison, it was was the Philadelphia Eagles who Burress wanted to play for.  Once again the 34-year-old receiver is lobbying for yet another team, envisioning himself playing alongside Cam Newton and Steve Smith in Carolina.  As of right now, Burress he remains without a job as Carolina disagreed with his sentiment, instead choosing to stick with young receiver Brandon LaFell opposite Smith in the upcoming season.  No doubt his lackluster season last year with the Jets has something to do with Burress' current unemployment, and he'll probably have to settle for a lot less money than he's hoping for if he's to find a home this NFL season.

*UPDATE* The Most Adorable Sports Related Thing You Will See All Day

Two weeks ago we told you the story in which a young Giants fan by the name of Joe, upset that his favorite player Brandon Jacobs had left New York for San Francisco, offers his piggy bank savings as a means to try and keep the running back with the Giants.  After being genuinely touched by the gesture, Jacobs vowed to return the favor, and boy did he.  Not only did Jacobs meet the boy in person, but he spent two straight hours playing with the young fan in bounce houses!  As if that wasn't enough for a six year old, Jacobs also gave Joe an autographed helmet and returned his piggy bank savings while throwing in a little extra, handing him a five dollar bill.  All in all not a bad day for Joe, the only forseeable problem is who exactly is Joe suppose to root for come October 14th when the Giants once again take on the 49ers in San Francisco?

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