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Billboard’s Sexiest Men in Music

by Photo of Erin Wolosz

The top 10 sexiest men in music have been revealed. Do you agree?

Billboard’s Sexiest Men in Music

Over 600,000 people voted to create Billboard’s list of the top 10 sexiest men in music. Some of the list hit the nail on the head, while a few who made it and others who were left off kept me utterly bamboozled.  

Perhaps the most shocking upset on the list was the man at the top, former "American Idol" runner-up Adam Lambert, with 26% of the vote. The glam-rocker nabbed the top spot despite his trademark outlandish outfits, high heels, and makeup. Please find me one girl that thinks a guy that wears more eyeliner than her is sexy. I don’t think you can. It’s because a guy that tries to look like a girl is not sexy. He is inventive; he is talented; he is pioneering; but he is not sexy. 

Maybe even worse than Lambert hitting number 1, was Maroon 5 rocker Adam Levine only coming in second. Levine, who has had far more shirtless photo-shoots and music videos than Lambert ever will, clearly deserved the spot. After all…he does have those "Moves Like Jagger," and those are hard to resist! Just look at him!

Coming in third was none other than the Biebs. Yes, Justin Bieber was voted third on the sexiest men of music list. Someone needs to get some of these tween girls off of the internet. There is no way the 18-year-old should beat Enrique Iglesias, who picked up the fourth spot. 

Rounding off the top 5 was Bill Kaulitz, a write-in on the ballot who got 8% of the vote. Kaulitz, like Lambert, is also known for his glam theatrics and is the front man for Tokio Hotel. I have a question: who is this guy, and how did he end up on this list?

Finally, the second half of the list began to make more sense. Bruno Mars came in at sixth, with 5.9% of the vote, and 80’s rocker Bon Jovi fell right behind him, with 5.8%. At eighth was Chris Brown, followed by Usher. Finally, number 10 was Drake with 2% of the vote.

Robbed of spots on the list were crooner Michel Bublé, Keith Urban, Hollywood player John Mayer, and finally, JT himself, Justin Timberlake.

Notably, no one from LMFAO made the list. Apparently they are the only ones that know they are sexy.

Click here to check out who made the list of sexiest women in music, and who didn't.

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