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Oprah Winfrey to Interview Rihanna

by Photo of Kryshel Charles

Will Oprah be the one to get Rihanna to open up?

Oprah Winfrey to Interview Rihanna

Guess whose exciting chapter Oprah is after now? Yesterday, Oprah announced via Twitter that an interview with Rihanna (sorry Beyonce, you're too perfect), for Oprah's Next Chapter on OWN. The interview is said to be coming in August, but the date is yet to be announced. 

First of all, let's congratulate Oprah for even being on Twitter. I am ashamed to say that I only recently followed the host, but I'm glad I did. 

Back in 2009, Oprah  dedicated a day on her talk show to the issue of domestic violence and all of the "Rihannas of the world." The topic that day was obviously inspired by Chris Brown's assault on Rihanna, which happened that same year. Oprah spoke on the issue of teens in violent domestic environments and even invited Tyra Banks to speak about her own experiences in an abusive relationship. Tyra went further and told the audience about her interview with Rihanna, who grew up in a home in which her parents argued intensely and frequently. Although Rihanna wasn't present on the show, Oprah sent a message out to her, warning her that if a man hits you once, he will hit you again." 

When Chris Brown and Rihanna allegedly reconciled, Oprah was disappointed in the message Rihanna was sending out to her fans. "If you go back with a man who hits you, it's because you don't think you're worthy of being with a man who won't," she said. Despite Oprah's numerous warnings, Rihanna has appeared on tracks with Chris Brown and they've recently been spotted together. Her continued involvement with him has spurred all kinds of negative criticism and even sparked a fight last week between Chris Brown and Drake. People suggest that she watch her 20/20 interview as a wakeup call. These recent events will only make for a great interview between the two and the chance for Oprah to possibly knock get Rihanna back to her senses. Just in case she hadn't heard Oprah's message that day back in 2009, Oprah will have the chance to say it again. 

In preparation for Oprah's interview with Rihanna, I've taken the liberty of coming up with the perfect opening question for her to ask Rih. " Did Drake really get a slice of your 'birthday cake'?  Are you planning on giving Chris Brown another slice?" Ha.  All Rihanna fans should look forward to this interview because we know Oprah has all of the guts and extra security needed to ask Rihanna the questions that everyone else has been to scared to ask.

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