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Updates On The Chris Brown vs. Drake Brawl

by Photo of Kryshel Charles

New details involving an Austrailian girl, Meek Mill’s tweets, physical evidence and Rihanna come to surface.

Updates On The Chris Brown vs. Drake Brawl

New details on the Wednesday night brawl between Chris Brown and Drake continue to surface. Most importantly, Chris Brown has reached out to the NYPD with "physical evidence" that it was Drake and his entourage who initiated the fight. I have no idea what that physical evidence could be, and if it is the note Drake allegedly sent Brown, I imagine the police would just shake their head at Chris and ask, "Why are you worried about Rihanna? Don't you have a Ka-ku-rochee or whatever your girlfriend's name is?" 

According to TMZ, Chris's lawyer showed the police evidence that could prove that Drake and rapper, Meek Mill were the aggressors while Chris, his girlfriend and his friends were innocent victims. Chris is not currently a suspect, but a "witness and a victim," while Drake's camp has already released a statement saying that Drake did not throw a bottle and he was on his way out of the club when the brawl began. I want to believe that it was entourage vs. entourage rather than Drake and Chris fighting (I can't even imagine that), but the idea that Drake wasn't even present for the fight is quite a stretch.

As far as Chris' entourage goes…innocent victims? Innocent victims don't yell threats like "…we're gonna kill you n****" or throw up gang signs. Several people have said they witnessed this that Wednesday night from Chris' party. One man even yelled, "Somebody's gonna die." For whatever reason, most of this anger was directed towards Drake's pal, Meek, not Drake. But if these actions were caught on a club surveillance camera, it could change the whole case. By law, Chris cannot associate with gang members. This order stems from his probation in the Rihanna assault case. Evidence of his friends' actions could only bring him more trouble.

While Rihanna finds humor in two men fighting over her, others are disgusted by what happened at W.i.P. It was unfortunate that Chris Brown got injured. * insert eye roll here * While he was busy ranting on Twitter about a chin gash, probably in an effort to rally Team Breezy to attack Drake's mentions, other innocent bystanders were nursing real injuries. Chris' own bodyguard was hit with flying bottles…by a member of his entourage (Do they need team shirts next time?) The impact split his head, but he is currently stable and fine.  

Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs somehow was caught in the crossfire and got glass in his eye. He promises the injury won't prevent him from competing in the Olympics. The person who definitely had the worst time that night was a club-goer from Australia who had gotten a blood bath instead of a champagne shower. She was rushed to the hospital, unconscious and received 16 stitches.  The poor girl literally had no money and had to take the subway home after being released from the hospital. And as expected, everyone on the train shunned her like she was a homeless person begging for money.

The brawl resulted in some lost respect for Chris Brown and Drake, including the Australian bystander of course. Imagine having to experience something like that in a foreign country and know that the people who are responsible are sitting at home tweeting about it…or doing whatever Drake did about it.  Chris Brown and Meek Mill managed to work out whatever their issues were on Twitter but Drake and Chris Brown have yet to have contact. The brawl also resulted in the arrest of the W.i.P club owner. Because the fight brought police to investigate the scene, they realized that he had two warrants for his arrest and pursued it immediately. The brawl has even pushed NY City Council to examine bottle service policies in clubs. 

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