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The Launch of 12Society

by Photo of Kryshel Charles

6 stars promise to “hook you up” for $39/month.

The Launch of 12Society

A hip hop legend, an NFL champ, a TV host, a Cy Young award winner and 2 NBA All-stars walk into a boardroom…

Sorry, but there’s no punchline. This is real life.

MTV News interviewed hip hop legend Nas, “the Don,” and reported that this non-traditional group launched the site for their lifestyle company, 12Society, yesterday. 12Society allows fans to subscribe and receive a package of products handpicked by these celebrity figures. They pick the items based on their own product preferences. Subscribers only pay $39, but the package is said to hold 4-6 products and have a minimum value of $125. Fans can finally get a taste of how it feels like have swagger like "the Don."  I never would’ve expected this from Nas. Maybe Kanye West or even Jay, but not Nas. But MTV does point out that Nas has been known to name-drop designers in his lyrics. They call his 1996 “Street Dreams” track a “lyrical fashion tutorial.”

On the “How It Works” page of the 12Society website, they’ve feature some products that could possibly be in your special box. They’ve selected a Spalding basketball, a helicopter, and headphones. Way to sell it guys. I don’t know who would want a basketball after paying $39 unless it was signed by an NBA player. I don’t know who, out of Nas and his co-founders, uses a toy helicopter every day. And headphones? Another rapper has got the headphone game covered.

Although Nas seems to be the biggest face of the company, it is Kevin Love of the Minnesota Timberwolves who owns it. On the site’s first blog post, Love confirms this, saying, “No, really, this is my company,” and then declares himself the official Commish (I bet “The Don” had something to do with that name). Even on the company’s Facebook, Kevin appears at the center of the lineup. But shouldn’t K.Love be preparing for the Olympics of something? Does he really have time to create shopping lists with Nas?

I guess that’s where the other co-founders come in, or the “style board” as they call themselves. The board includes Michael Strahan, Nick Cannon, Blake Griffin, and Tim Lincecum. They are truly an odd group, but the combination of success, star power and acceptably good style possessed by all of these men (with the exception of Nick Cannon a lot of the time) will likely make for a successful venture. My only question is why isn’t there a woman on board when they’ve promised to also have products targeted at women?

12Society.com is open for business and has been receiving lots of subscriptions. People have been commenting on the Facebook page about Blake Griffin’s role in it being reason for their interest. I’m not sure if it’s because they’ve been intimidated by his “I’m watching you” glare on the “Get Started page”…or simply because he’s Blake Griffin. For some reason, I think it’s the latter.

The styleboard hasn’t sent out any boxes yet, but they have sent out 57 welcome e-mails to one subscriber. It’s obvious that they’re extremely happy to have him/her.

Will you be subscribing to 12Society?

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