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Rumors Spreading of Avengers Director's Cut in the Works

by Photo of Emily Smibert

Disney and Marvel could strive to beat ‘Avatar’ for #1 spot

Rumors Spreading of Avengers Director's Cut in the Works

We all know James Cameron holds the top two spots for gross domestic earnings with his films Avatar  and Titanic. However, Cameron may start feeling some heat as rumors are buzzing around the Internet about an uncut director's version of the summer box office smash hit The Avengers which potentially could knock Avatar out of first place.  Director, Joss Whedon has confirmed  that more than 30 minutes had been cut from his original assembly. I guess having to streamline a film with a running time of a whopping three hours might prove to be more profitable than originally thought. 

According to Janice Kay from ScienceFiction.com, re-releasing the film could potentially knock Avatar into second place and prove to be wise decision:

Avatar has earned $573.3 million domestically which is about $80 million less than the #2 film Titanic at $658.6 million and close to $200 million less than the #1 domestic film of all time Avatar which has earned $760.5 million so far. If (and I emphasize IF), Marvel and Disney do decide to release a director’s cut, it does have the capability of toppling Avatar off the #1 position."

Disney and Marvel might very well be planning to re-release the epic film in Whedon's full artistic glory. Cameron did the same thing back when Avatar was fresh out of theaters and Titanic was just released in 3D. And while all of this is clearly speculation, Disney and Marvel are in a very convenient position to make a lot more money off of the film while making more than just a few moviegoers happy. 

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