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Is Drake All Y.O.L.O.'ed Out?

by Photo of Kryshel Charles

Drake’s “The Motto” song has created an epidemic.

Is Drake All Y.O.L.O.'ed Out?

I think we’ve ruined Y.O.L.O. for Drake.

I doubt Drake expected that the line “you only live once/that’s the motto, *****/Y.O.L.O.” from his 2011 song, “The Motto” would be such a hit. After all, he was just telling us what we already knew with a cool sounding acronym. But, the Y.O.L.O. line became a part of everyday conversation, and accompanied every teenager’s explanation for disregarding their parents, the law and that tiny folder in their brain labeled “common sense.” Everything you once thought knew to be bad ideas could now be justified by a simple acronym! No, I don’t blame Drake for that…nor do I blame him for that guy who wrote the acronym on his chest and streaked through Rogers Centre during a Red Sox-Blue Jays game. The crowd loved it. 

Does Drake think the catchphrase got too much love? No, but he’s fearful that by the time his album is released, it won’t hold the same weight as before. In his interview with MTV, Drake called the popularity of Y.O.L.O. an “epidemic.” He had initially planned on using Y.O.L.O. as the title for his upcoming mixtape with Rick Ross, but the phrase has become so attached to “The Motto” that it no longer can represent his mixtape as a whole. 

I didn’t know he had been planning on titling his album such, but if I saw it on a shelf or even on iTunes, I’d just think it was one song. I honestly didn’t know the title of the song for a long time. It was simply the “Y.O.L.O” song to me, and remains titled just as that in my iTunes library. I completely support Drake’s decision to change the title. Hopefully it's another catchphrase so that we can move on from Y.O.L.O.

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