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Jeremy Lin, Roy Hibbert Compete in Scavenger Hunt

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Jimmy Kimmel got the two NBA stars to search their houses for odd things last night on “JKL”

Jeremy Lin, Roy Hibbert Compete in Scavenger Hunt

Jimmy Kimmel has some of the more offbeat and unique bits on late night television, and last night was no different.  He enlisted the help of two NBA stars, Indiana Pacer Roy Hibbert and New York Knick Jeremy Lin, to compete in a scavenger hunt.  But this was no ordinary scavenger hunt.  The two players took part in the event from the comfort of their own homes via Skype, and Kimmel sent them scrambling around for a myriad of objects.  

It was pretty much as fun as it sounds, and both players got in some nice zings here and there.  Check out the video below:

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/IqBb8J_JM4E" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Seth Rosenthal, Knicks blogger over at Posting and Toasting, chimed in on another devastating Knicks loss:

Hibbert's fancy-ass French bulldog, Nala (who couldn't look less like the real Nala), won him the battle and was the undisputed star of the show, though Jeremy certainly could've outdone him if he had his PRICELESS PERSONALIZED FRUIT ROLL-UP BASKETBALL JERSEY on hand. Good times.

And don't be so modest, Jeremy.  I think we all know that the fancy watch you brought out was worth more than $20.

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