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Mark Wahlberg's Newest Role

by Photo of Kryshel Charles

Mark Wahlberg goes back to high school.

Mark Wahlberg's Newest Role

Actor Mark Walhberg is about to play a role that he hasn’t before. “The Departed” star admitted on “Late Night With David Letterman,” that he has enrolled in a high school program to finally get his diploma. He dropped out in ninth-grade (Why even start then?) and at 16, he was sentenced to 45 days in prison for “doing bad things.” His jail sentence made him ineligible to join his brother Donnie's group, New Kids On The Block. While he was in jail, they were making millions... it's clearly the other way around now. 

Because the only bad things I can imagine Mark Walhberg doing happen on a movie screen, I searched to find out exactly what these bad things were. RadarOnline reveals that Mark actually physically assaulted a man. But, don’t worry. You don’t have to worry about the bad boy, underwear model sitting next to you in class. He has opted for an online program that will allow him to finish in under a year.

Mark is nervous, just as anyone would be when starting a new school. He’ll be taking all of the classes that he missed and that is intimidating to him. But Mark promises that he’s going to make it happen. "I have a lot of downtime on movie sets in the trailer and stuff so I'm just going to blast through it in eight months or so hopefully,” he says. And we wish you the best of luck Mark and hope to hear that you’ll be starring in a sequel soon—“Mark Walhberg Goes To College.”

Mark Walhberg isn’t the only celebrity who reached a great level of success without even finishing high school. The Frisky has compiled an impressive list of celebrities who've never experienced high school dances, taking algebra tests and running to homeroom before the bell rings. How sad. Instead, they were performing at concerts, signing million dollar contracts and driving cars whose worth could pay your Catholic school tuition for 10 years.

Some of my favorite celebrities on the list include Tracy Morgan, "30 Rock" actor who has no regrets about dropping out. He obviously wasn't interested in being the class clown. Hilary Swank also dropped out and ironically played a teacher in “Freedom Writers.” Then there's Simon Cowell, who we're sure would’ve been the biggest bully and gotten kicked out anyway.

Check The Frisky’s list out yourself. 

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