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Chris Perez Throws Up After Completing Save

by Photo of Thomas Decker

Chris Perez vomits all over the infield immediately following his 20th save.

Chris Perez Throws Up After Completing Save

If vomiting is considered a "celebration", then Chris Perez "celebrated" awfully hard after yesterday's game. Perez, the closer for the Cleveland Indians, now stands alone with one of the oddest post-game moments I've seen in some time.

Perez recorded his league-leading 20th save yesterday in a 4-1 Indians victory over the St. Louis Cardinals in St. Louis. However, not all went well for the right-handed reliever. When Carlos Santana came out to congratulate Perez, Perez immediately threw up all over the infield. Perez seemed to be under control until he dropped to his knees just a few moments later and soiled the beautiful St. Louis grass yet again. Perez claimed he wasn't ill and only threw up because a combination of the heat and drinking warm water.

Not only has this happened before in baseball (contrary to what I initially thought), it's actually happened before to Perez. Perez threw up during a 2011 spring training game and had to be removed from the game.

Watch as Perez stuns his fellow Indians teammates yesterday:

I love how all the players on Cleveland have absolutely no clue what to do in this situation. If I had to place a word box above each Cleveland player in the video it would either say, "Does he need some kind of medical attention?" or "Is Perez kidding me right now?". Congrats to Chris on his 20th save though. He's definitely becoming a solid closer, but I wish he could have enjoyed this more than he did.

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