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Jerry Seinfeld will be launching his official website this Friday.

by Photo of Tim Odom

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld will be debuting his official website with archival video footage of his stand-up acts and comedic interviews on Friday, May 6, 2011.

Jerry Seinfeld will be launching his official website this Friday.

On Friday, May 6, 2011, Jerry Seinfeld will be taking his online presence to a whole new level when his website, jerryseinfeld.com launches that will feature archival video footage of almost all of his comedic performance acts throughout his career. 
The purpose of the website is to showcase Seinfeld’s personally selected clips of his comedic acts over the span of his career so he can be assured of how his work would be treated when he dies. This is evident in Seinfeld’s interview with the New York Times where he states: “I really thought, ‘Where’s my stuff going to be when I’m dead? Is it just gone for all time? Who could sift through it? I thought, I should filter this out and be the judge of what I thought was good.” 
For his new website,  Seinfeld has gathered from his personal archives and industry colleagues more than 1,000 clips of his stand-up acts and comedic interviews. One segment dates as far back as 1977 when Seinfeld made his television debut on ‘Celebrity Cabaret.’ Another segment is on his first network appearance in 1981 on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” The website will not include video clips from the “Seinfeld” series but they might be used in another Web project. 
Interestingly enough, Seinfeld only plans on sharing three of such videos each day. This tactic reflects his perspective about online content as well as his concerns about what he called “portion control.” 
“I don’t want everything,” he said. “Burger King now has a burger where you decide how many patties. How disgusting is that? That’s the problem right there. That’s the cultural moment that I am repudiating here.” 
Despite the ability of being able to view the online footage of Seinfeld’s previous comedic acts on his new website, nothing beats seeing him in person. Visit charged.fm (http://www.charged.fm/event/item/1908986/jerry-seinfeld)  to buy your tickets to see Seinfeld’s performance in June at the Sheas Performing Arts Center. Buy now before the tickets are sold out to see famous comedian in action.

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