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Phillip Phillips Undergoes Kidney Surgery

by Photo of Erin Wolosz

The most recent American Idol winner went under the knife Wednesday to fix kidney problems that have plagued him all season.

Phillip Phillips Undergoes Kidney Surgery

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For most Idol winners, the weeks after the finale are an amazing, overwhelming time filled with television interviews and tastes of the celebrity life they are about to live. The past few weeks, however, have been very different for Phillip Phillips. He has been in severe pain, preparing for surgery to remove some extremely painful kidney stones and reconstruct his kidneys.

TMZ reported:

We're told Phillip had the 6 and a half hour long surgery in L.A. yesterday -- and he is recovering well today. The stones that were removed were so huge there was no chance he could've passed them on his own.

This is great news, as the Idols are currently getting ready for their nationwide tour that kicks off on July 6th in Detroit. According to his reps, the 21-year-old should be healthy in time for the beginning of the tour.

What is most amazing about this story, however, is how long Phillips has been dealing with this problem. Phillips’ father, also Phillip Phillips, explained to People Magazine, that the singer was in severe pain for most of the season and underwent eight surgeries during his time on the show. He explained that Phillip was determined to stay on the show despite his medical emergencies.

Phillips was only “hitting 50 percent” during his time on the show, his father told People, "[America's] just seen a glimpse of what Phillip can do.”

If this is true, and Phillip was only preforming at 50 percent of his potential, than I cannot even imagine what is in store for him in the future. The heartthrob who was a master of “making songs his own” on the show amazed people with renditions of Damien Rice’s “Volcano” and Billy Joel’s “Movin’ Out” and left people eager to hear what his original music would sound like.

If his first single “Home,” which rose to the top of the iTunes charts in the hours after the finale, foreshadows his future success at all, it is safe to say the singer has an exciting road ahead of him.

You can download Phillips’ song, “Home,” on iTunes now, and see him live on the nationwide Idols Live tour this summer, coming to a city near you.

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