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14th Annual Del Close Marathon

by Photo of Hannah Rettoun

150+ performances, 3 days, all improv all the time.

14th Annual Del Close Marathon

June 29 marks the beginning of the 14th Annual Del Close Marathon.  The DCM, as it's known, is an improv comedy special event dedicated to Del Close, the actor, writer and teacher who helped many famous comedians become who they are today.  

Close was a mentor to many prominent comedians including Tina Fey, Mike Meyers, Chris Farley, Bill Murray and John Belushi.  Upright Citizen Brigade founders Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts and Matt Walsh started the DCM in his honor after his death in 1999. 

DCM 14 will take place at six venues throughout New York.  You can catch non-stop improv shows all weekend at the UCB Theatre Chelsea, UCBeast, The Hudson Guild, Urban Stages, The SVA Theatre and FIT. 

According to the UCB NY, DCM 14 will include 30 Rock Writers, ASSSSCAT 3000, Ben Schwartz presents Snowpants, Baby Wants Candy, The Chris Gethard Show, Hot Sauce, BriTANick, Gravid Water and The UCB Touring Company.  

Year after year, the DCM cranks out more than 150 performances during three days. $30 will get you a pass to see them all, contingent on the number of available seats. 

Let CHARGED.fm get you tickets to see your favorite comedians this summer. 

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