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Kyrie Irving Wins Rookie of the Year

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Cleveland’s rookie point guard won the award in a landslide over Ricky Rubio and Kenneth Faried.

Kyrie Irving Wins Rookie of the Year

Kyrie Irving is the 2011-2012 NBA Rookie of the Year in pretty dominating fashion.  Cleveland's rookie point guard received all but three first place votes and beat out Minnesota's Ricky Rubio 592 to 170 in total points.  Here is a breakdown of the voting:

Rookie, Team 1st/2nd/3rd Total
Kyrie Irving, Cleveland 117/2/1 592
Ricky Rubio, Minnesota -/49/23 170
Kenneth Faried, Denver 1/30/34 129
Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio 1/9/15 47
Iman Shumpert, New York 1/7/7 33 
Klay Thompson, Golden State -/5/15 30
Isaiah Thomas, Sacramento -/6/10 28
Brandon Knight, Detroit -/6/3 21
Chandler Parsons, Houston -/3/5 14
MarShon Brooks, New Jersey -/1/1 4
Kemba Walker, Charlotte -/ -/ 3 3
Josh Selby, Memphis -/ -/ 1

Like anything decided by a vote, there are some interesting choices up there.  As much as I like Iman Shumpert, I don't think he deserved a first place vote over Irving.  Isaiah Thomas was a two-time Rookie of the Month, yet finishes seventh in the voting.  Josh Selby, who played in just 28 games and and averaged just 2.3 points in 8.5 minutes of action, received a third place vote.  Quite odd indeed.

But, in the end that is just meaningless fluff for people to argue about.  The only thing that really matters is that Irving won, which was completely deserved.  Before injuries, Irving was playing some of the most efficient and productive basketball regardless of experience.  In 51 games, Irving averaged 18.5 points, 5.4 assists, and 3.7 rebounds while shooting 46.9% from the field. 39.9% from three, and 87.2% from the free throw line.  Before all this is said and done, he has a great chance to join the vaunted 50-40-90 Club which he was close to attaining as a rookie.  He had Cleveland in the playoff discussion for a good part of the season, and looking at that roster, that team shouldn't have had any business being talked about as a playoff team.

So congratulations on the award, Kyrie Irving.  Now just go out there and get even better next year.

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