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Heat Go Up 2-0 On Knicks; Stoudemire Hurts Hand

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Amar’e Stoudemire punched a glass case after the game and injured his hand after last night’s loss.

Heat Go Up 2-0 On Knicks; Stoudemire Hurts Hand

The New York Knicks were competitive with the Miami Heat last night in their second playoff game, but they couldn't muster defensive stops or find offensive efficiency late.  New York fell 104-94 and also now find themselves in an 0-2 hole.

To make matters even worse, Amar'e Stoudemire thought it best to take out his frustration on a case in the tunnel that contained a fire extinguisher.  He punched it with his left hand, which broke the glass and caused a cut in Stoudemire's hand.  He needed paramedic support in the locker room and stitches to take care of everything, and left the arena with a heavily bandaged hand and his left arm in a sling.

Obviously, slicing your hand open isn't optimal to your overall health, and we can expect Stoudemire to miss some action.  New York Times writer Howard Beck says STAT probably misses the remainder of the series.  This, again, doesn't bode well for the Knicks.  Already trailing 2-0, losing your second star player is never generally a good thing, although in this case it might provide for a small boost.  I'll explain after I admonish Stoudemire right quick here.

Self-destructive behavior following trying times is a normal reaction.  I've hit things when things go wrong or yell or scream or anything to let the emotions out.  Amar'e certainly isn't the first pro athlete (or New York athlete) to injure himself after a disappointing performance.  But that doesn't excuse his actions last night, or in the series in general.  Are you mad that you failed to box out Joel Anthony/Chris Bosh/Udonis Haslem for the umpteenth time?  Are you upset that you didn't get a foul called?  Are you pissed that you had a tough time getting your shot off or didn't get the ball enough?  Then do something about it on the court.  This was such a childish and immature reaction to have, especially for a veteran player.

Amar'e was rightfully and appropriately apologetic after the incident, making his feelings known on Twitter.  He apologized, but then blanketed the statement saying that everyone does stuff like this, that it makes him "human", and that this will pass.  Not likely, Amar'e.  He just potentially cost himself an opportunity to play in the rest of this series because of that dumb mistake.  He let down his teammates, coaches, and the fans of the Knicks with that one selfish move.  Now if the Knicks lose this series without him, it's silly to place the blame on him.  It looked like they were on their way to losing the series with him in the lineup.  But who is to say what would have happened with him out there?  It's a real slap in the face to the guys on his team that want to keep playing, and Stoudemire has put that in serious danger with one poor act of judgment.

That being said, Stoudemire's absence at the four creates a unique situation/opportunity for New York.  The Knicks were coincidentally playing some of their best basketball of the year when Carmelo Anthony moved to the four position.  Anthony seemed much more at ease and free on the offensive end.  He created mismatches for opposing defenses and it opened up other opportunities for his teammates.  Basically all of his numbers improved without Stoudemire, and the Knicks as a team looked almost at the top of their game.  They played their most competitive game of the season against the Heat with that lineup (a 93-85 loss in mid-Aprill), but that group did still include Iman Shumpert.  They could take a step forward now, but I still think that's unlikely.  I think the Knicks winning four of five against this Heat team, even with Melo at the four, is highly improbable.  

But look at the bright side.  At least this spawned one of the best sports GIFS of recent memory.  Silver linings, everyone.  

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