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NBA Playoff Teams Set

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The teams are all clinched, and only seeding remains to be determined for the NBA Playoffs.

NBA Playoff Teams Set

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With their 100-88 victory over the Phoenix Suns last night, the Utah Jazz clinched a spot in the postseason.  As a result, the playoff picture was almost made crystal clear.  We now know all 16 teams that will be competing for the Larry O'Brien trophy.  The only thing that remains is getting the seeding sorted out.

In the Eastern Conference, the top five seeds have been determined.  The Bulls, Heat, and Pacers are the top three teams.  The Celtics and Hawks are guaranteed a combination of the four and five seeds, but home court advantage is still up for grabs.  

The Knicks and Magic are separated by two games.  Both teams have two games remaining.  If Orlando wins one of those games or if the Knicks lose one, the Magic will be the sixth seed.  If Orlando loses out and the Knicks win out, the Knicks will take the sixth seed because of tiebreakers.  Philadelphia currently has the same record as the Knicks, but can only get as high as the 7th seed because of tiebreakers.  

In the Western Conference, the top three seeds are all clinched by division winners, making things a bit easier.  The Spurs are the top seed, followed by the Thunder and the Lakers.  The Clippers and Grizzlies currently share a 40-25 record, and because of tiebreakers the Clippers have the fourth seed as things stand right now.  Memphis would need a win and a Los Angeles loss to get home court in the series, but those two teams will play each other.

As far as seeds 6-8 go, there is the possibility that all three teams (Utah, Dallas, and Denver) finish with 36-30 records.  Dallas and Utah each have one game remaining (Dallas is 36-29 and Utah is 35-30) and Denver is 36-28 with two games left.  Denver can guarantee the sixth seed with two wins, but could slip all the way to eighth with two losses and a Utah win.  Dallas could get as high as the sixth seed, and Utah can only rise as high as seventh.

Playoff basketball is almost here, everyone.  It's time to get excited.

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