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It's Official: Andrew Luck Will Go Number One

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

There will be no suspense leading up to the NFL Draft as the Colts announced Luck is their man.

It's Official: Andrew Luck Will Go Number One

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Well thanks for wiping out any form of suspense or drama, Indianapolis Colts GM Ryan Grigson.  What are Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay supposed to argue about now?  Via SI.com:

It's official: Andrew Luck will be the No. 1 choice in Thursday night's NFL draft.

Rather than keeping the NFL's worst-kept secret under wraps until Luck's name rolled off the lips of commissioner Roger Goodell, general manager Ryan Grigson decided there was no reason to delay the inevitable: Luck will become the successor to Peyton Manning as Indianapolis' quarterback and the new face of the franchise.

"We didn't the see the point in prolonging what the world already knows," Grigson told reporters Tuesday after a voluntary mini-camp workout. "It's about Andrew and we wanted to do the right thing by him."

The world technically didn't "know" Luck was going number one, but it was something we all assumed.  Still, I find these moves boring, if practical.  There is no reason for the draft to just start with pick number two.  If Indianapolis takes 6 minutes to turn in their selection even though they already announced it just so Chris Berman and Jon Gruden can blabber about "that guy", I'm gonna lose it.

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