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The Day Baseball Helped Save America

by Photo of Tommy Dee

Baseball played an important role in NYC following the tragic events of 9/11

The Day Baseball Helped Save America

Great piece of written word inked by my friend Jason Keidel over at wfan.com. Those of use who were here and lost loved ones during that tragic day had a lot to deal with. The world's focus was directly on New York, and the way the city and it's people handled it was nothing short of amazing. Out of tragedy comes love, and there wasn't a bigger example of this on September 11, 2001.

Several days later, as Keidel explains, the Mets and Yankees played important baseball games. The rally cry was to get everything back to normal, and prove to the world that it was okay to be in a big, open space without fear of disaster, and most importantly, to show that as Americans, nothing would break our spirit and freedom. In front of the entire world, then Mets catcher Mike Piazza let Mets fans know it was okay to cheer again.

"Because of his clutch home run during the first game after 9/11, Mike Piazza seems to be the de facto vanguard of our vindication, at least on an athletic stage. Piazza, a California kid, isn’t the savior.

It is you, who paid his salary, who watched the game, or listened through the static of your stereo as you whistled through the Lincoln Tunnel. It is you, who ran into those burning buildings while everyone was darting in the other direction. It is you, who gave blood, money, and endless prayers. It is you, the real New Yorker. 9/11, as much as any story in history, is a New York story.

The gods again frowned on our town in November that year when Mariano Rivera – who seems to have the deity on speed dial – forgot who he was for an inning. We lost a game, a series, and a season we had to have, off the broken bat of a broken player, Luis Gonzalez, a 97-pound weakling who found 57 homers in his formerly flaccid bat. (He never hit more than 15 home runs during his first ten years in the majors.) Werecovered then. We recover now. We recover forever."

Baseball is America. Go enjoy the weather. Enjoy being outside. Enjoy being free.

For tickets to tonight's Mets/ Giants game, go to charged.fm.

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