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Stephon Marbury: Champion

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The troubled guard went to China over two years ago and is now a champion in the CBA.

Stephon Marbury: Champion

After the NBA career that Stephon Marbury led, I never imagined that the word "champion" would be synonymous with his name, especially when he went to China to continue playing.  But that is exactly what Marbury is now after leading his team to the CBA title.  Kelly Dwyer, who has been following this story pretty closely, has more over at Ball Don't Lie:

When former NBA All-Star Stephon Marbury accepted a contract to play in the Chinese Basketball Association in 2009, he was a few weeks removed from an odd and at-times frightening online meltdown, and a half-decade removed from basketball relevance. Based on the scope of his career arc at the time, it was just assumed that Marbury would grow sick of the expectations, and flame out overseas as he had during his fitful runs in Minnesota, New Jersey, Phoenix, and New York.

Instead, two and a half years later, the man's a champion. Marbury dropped 41 in the fifth game of the CBA Finals (the picture at that previous link is fantastic), leading his Beijing Ducks to a 4-1 series win over the defending champion Guangdong Hongyuan. This is the first title for both Marbury, and the Ducks. And, as was the case when Steph ascended to the CBA Finals two weeks ago, he broke down with tears of joy.

Stephon Marbury had a less than glamorous tenure with the Knicks, and I remember seeing more scowls on Marbury's face than any other expression.  Actually seeing Marbury happy and emotional in this video of the championship run (?) is pretty awesome, knowing all that Marbury has gone through in search for glory.

Good on you, Steph.  Keep doing your thing.

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