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Aziz Ansari- Dangerous, Delicious, Funny

by Photo of Trevor Lyon

Aziz Ansari is on his “Dangerously Delicious Tour,” performing hilarious stand-up comedy

Aziz Ansari- Dangerous, Delicious, Funny

Aziz Ansari is currently on his Dangerously Delicious Tour  performing his hilarious and awesome stand up. Probably most widely known for his work on NBC’s Parks and Recreation , Ansari is also a fantastic comedian. For those who have seen him do his “Raaaaaaaandy,” bit on youtube or in the movie Funny People , Ansari is energetic, original and never boring. Nearly everything Ansari does is comedic gold, including his short-lived sketch show Human Giant , created with Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer. 

If you are looking to see a young, fresh, super-talented comedian, then look no further than Ansari. Ansari performs with a blend of energy and comic timing that makes the audience smile and laugh every minute. From his stories about Kanye West to ridiculous observations, Ansari kills it in a way only Ansari can. He is wacky, fun, and one of the most endearing comedians on the stage today, and most importantly he is not to be missed. This guy is only going to get bigger, so do not miss out.  


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