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Your Moments of Unintentional NBA Comedy

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Watch as Al Trautwig has an unfortunate slip-up and Brandon Knight gets absolutely drenched.

Your Moments of Unintentional NBA Comedy

While sports are a fairly serious venture, it's always fun to look at the lighter side of the games these talented athletes play.  A couple of things happened last night that could surely be characterized as funny, or even hilarious depending on your disposition.

The New York Knicks took on the Milwaukee Bucks last night in a game that had plenty of importance for both teams.  The Knicks were hanging on to that eighth seed in the playoff race while the Bucks lingered just outside 1.5 games back.  The Knicks learned they would be without two of their key contributors: Jeremy Lin was out with a sore knee, and Amar'e Stoudemire's MRI revealed a bulging disc in his back.

Al Trautwig, a Knicks broadcaster on the MSG network, delivered the news before the game, but he had an unfortunate Freudian slip as he relayed STAT's injury:

Now call me crazy, but a "bulging dick" doesn't sound nearly as serious as a "bulging disc" and shouldn't have been delivered in such a grave tone.  Don't worry, Al, you're just the latest victim of the "bulging dick" slip-up, so don't beat yourself up for it.  We won't laugh too hard at the goof, but we'll laugh just the right amount.

In Washington, the Detroit Pistons took on the Wizards in a game with far less ramifications aside from a few extra ping pong balls in the next NBA Draft Lottery.  During the game, Pistons rookie Brandon Knight ran after a loose ball that was heading towards the Detroit bench.  He made a leaping effort to save the ball, but the aftermath was a little messy:

First, let's all be glad that Knight is unharmed from that terrific spill (no pun intended), because that looked like it could have caused who knows how many different injuries.  If he had gotten hurt, none of this would be funny.

But since he was OK, how crazy was that?  Not quite a Gatorade shower, but certainly the first time I've seen a player give himself a dousing like that.  I don't know what was more impressive, the leap over the seats or the way he knocked over all the cups in a way that they would all spill on him.  I'm sure Knight will have second thoughts about diving over benches, especially if the ball is on a collision course with the water cooler.

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