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NBA Highlights of the Night

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Kobe Bryant finishes an oop with style and JaVale McGee dunks Denver to a win over Detroit.

NBA Highlights of the Night

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The NBA season is entering the stretch run (that condensed schedule went by fast) and as a result, there have been some pretty excellent games with equally excellent plays made.  Here are two of the finest plays last night's action had to offer.

First, Kobe Bryant and the Lakers laid wast to the Dallas Mavericks behind an amazing performance from Pau Gasol (27 points on 13-16 shooting and 9 rebounds) and the usual brilliance of Kobe Bryant.  Kobe scored 30 points as the Lakers coasted to a 16-point win, and Kobe dropped in a sweet highlight.  Bryant made a backdoor cut to lose Jason Kidd and was on the receiving end of an alley oop.  The pass was a little off, and he had to make an adjustment mid-air.

Did he ever adjust.

That's an incredible display of athleticism and creativity by Bryant, and an unbelievable finish.  That has to run away with Highlight of the Night honors, right?

Not so fast.  The Denver Nuggets took on the Detroit Pistons at home last night.   JaVale McGee, the newest member of the Nuggets, finally got to spin last night.  What he and the Nuggets didn't expect after ending the first quarter up 40-18 was an absolute explosion by Ben Gordon.  He torched the Nuggets for 45 points (including a perfect 9-9 from three) and also dished out 8 assists to lead Detroit back and put them in a good position to win.

But JaVale McGee would not be denied.  Aaron Afflalo had a free throw attempt to tie the game with less than 10 seconds remaining.  McGee was in the game to try and get an offensive rebound should he miss.  Afflalo missed, and McGee did more than get the offensive rebound.

What a timely play by McGee, and like the announcer said, what patience to hang in the air and wait for the ball to clear the cylinder.  He also disposed of Greg Monroe like a rag doll in the process.  If George Karl figures out a way to harness McGee's insane athleticism and abilities, Denver will have three quality 7-footers in McGee, Timofey Mozgov, and Kosta Koufus to throw at teams.

So which play is better?  I still have to go with Kobe's reverse finish because of the degree of difficulty.  McGee's play was more important contextually, but Kobe's was just more awesome.  What do you think?

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