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NBA Highlights of the Night

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Point guards Deron Williams and Jeff Teague both rocked the rim last night.

NBA Highlights of the Night

Jeff Teague and the Atlanta Hawks took on the Boston Celtics last night in what turned out to be a brutal game.  Basketball purists must not have been pleased with a game that was 33-31 at halftime and ended up a 79-76 slugfest.  

However, young Hawks point guard provided us with a moment of beauty and ferocity amid all the chaos and poor shooting.  After a Zaza Pachulia block, Teague picked up the loose ball and scampered down the court, leading the fast break.  Ray Allen was back on defense, but that did not deter Teague on his war path to the rim.

As you could safely assume from the myriad whistles that followed Teague's dunk, he was whistled for a technical foul after letting out a ferocious howl in the general direction of Ray Allen, which makes sense.  Ball Don't Lie's Dan Devine noted that Teague "joins New York Knicks rookie Iman Shumpert as the first victims of the "don't be mean to old Celtics" clause instituted in the new collective bargaining agreement.  Young players never read the fine print."  An astute observation indeed.

But Teague wasn't the only point guard to throw down a vicious dunk.  In New Jersey, school was in session for rookies Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson.  Nets point guard Deron Williams crossed up the youngster and then went right at Thompson in the paint. 

Advantage: Williams.  Cleveland had the last laugh, winning 105-100, but Williams would not be denied on that play.

So which dunk was better?  They are both similar in style and their ferocious nature, but I think there is more to Deron's dunk.  He first used his handle to shake off Irving and then get to the lane, where a much bigger defender was waiting for him.  Teague just blew by everybody on the fast break en route to his slam.  Plus, Teague followed up that dunk with this.  Deron gets my vote.

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