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Grizzlies on Verge of Signing Gilbert Arenas

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The Grizzlies are set to bring in the talented but enigmatic Arenas as the prepare for the Playoffs.

Grizzlies on Verge of Signing Gilbert Arenas

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Agent Zero back in the league?  Yes please.  The Memphis Grizzlies are close to signing Gilbert Arenas, the Memphis Commercial-Appeal reports.  The Grizzlies probably hope that Arenas is more productive backing up Mike Conley Jr. than the combination of Jeremy Pargo and Josh Selby (who have been pretty mediocre), but Arenas hasn't been the high-octane scorer that he used to be in a while.  Injuries in three consecutive years (07-08, 08-09, 09-10) got in the way of Arenas' scoring dominance during the prime years of his career.

Arenas was in the midst of a healthy season with the Wizards last year before being shipped to Orlando, where coming off the bench didn't exactly work out for either party.  Arenas shot just 34% from the field and broke 20 points off the bench just twice.  The per 36 numbers are respectable, but still a major drop-off from what we've come to expect from Arenas.  The limited role just didn't suit Arenas in Orlando.

So how is Memphis different?  That's the million-dollar question.  One has to wonder if Arenas will be able to succeed in a smaller capacity or if he needs the minutes to really flourish.  You also have to wonder how adding someone with Arenas' personality will effect a Memphis locker room that already has Zach Randolph, Tony Allen, and O.J. Mayo.  

When it happens, it will be fun to watch play out.  Arenas is one of the more entertaining players in the league, and when he gets going, it's a beautiful thing to behold.  He's not too far removed from efforts like this:  

He definitely still has that in him, and I hope it emerges in Memphis.  I think he can be a capable backup at this stage in his career.  He certainly can't be worse than Jeremy Pargo or Josh Selby.

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