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Scouting the Tournament: Patric Young

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

One of the more imposing big men is also one of the more confusing players in the nation.

Scouting the Tournament: Patric Young

In this article…

At first glance, Florida's Patric Young reminds me of a smaller Dwight Howard.  He stands at 6'9" and is 247 pounds of pure muscle, can run the floor exceptionally well, and and has incredible athleticism.  But when you look at his numbers (10.6 points, 6.4 rebounds, 0.9 blocks) and you wonder why he isn't more dominant.

First off, Florida has a trio of guards (Kenny Boynton, Erving Walker, Bradley Beal) and Billy Donovan's offense is predicated on strong play.  These guards are encouraged to jack up threes, and as a result Young only averages 7.5 shots a game.  Look at his game logs for the past five games:

Very up-and-down.  Why does Young come and go like that?  Match ups?  Just the usual inconsistencies of college athletes?

Few players in the nation have baffled me more than Patric Young. Here’s a guy who plays his best against the best, then can completely disappear while having the ball completely ignore him on both ends.

Coming out of the first half against a Kentucky team that could challenge some NBA teams, Young perfectly sealed UK’s wonderbig Anthony Davis then perfectly fed a cutting teammate for a layup. Beautiful drop step followed by an even better delivery to get an easy deuce against the most athletic and fast team in the nation.

In the first half he was very active, but as the game progressed he became less of a factor.

Big are always intriguing. Can they rebound right away? How is their footwork? Can they catch and finish in traffic. Can they stretch the defense to 15-18 feet?

Young, to me, seems to be able to do all these things. Florida has had a long line of big men who have developed into productive players. I was a fan of Vernon Macklin last year and he’s found his way on the Detroit Pistons’ bench.

Case in point: In Young's second round game today against Virginia, he is 4-4 from the field for 8 points and 5 rebounds.  For someone who is an effective low-post finisher, he doesn't get a lot of touches.  Nevertheless, Young remains an intriguing prospect.  Head to Sheridan Hoops for the full scouting report, and make sure you check back for more scouting reports on NCAA Tournament players.

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