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Bonnaroo Kicks Off 10th Anniversary Tonight!

by Photo of Hannah Agatston

Tips to Surviving Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo Kicks Off 10th Anniversary Tonight!

BONNAROO: What I now know.

1. Your ice will melt. Within seconds. Invest in dry ice -- look up places that sell dry ice before you get to Bonnaroo (sometimes ice cream shops have it). Dry ice lasts. It will seem unnecessary and costly UNTIL you are at Bonnaroo and realize your ice has melted. To get more you must stand in line for EVER and spend an ungodly amount. The people at Bonnaroo know they can charge $8 for a bag of ice because you didn't think of dry ice.

2. Your car is checked before you enter the festival. No kegs.

3. Entering the festival will seem like a joke -- plan to wait in line for a long time. Last year my car for waited 11 hours. This is not an exaggeration. Make sure you still have gas by the time you reach Manchester.

4. Bring a lot of water. It is hot and you will probably be walking multiple miles a day. Camelback backpacks are highly recommended.

5. If you are planning to drink beer also plan on having it change from freezing cold to boiling hot within a few minutes of opening it.

6. Meet your neighbors immediately. Chances are they're great people and you already have one thing in common. Being friendly to the people around you will create opportunities to swap food, camping supplies and -- most importantly -- Bonnaroo-related news.

7. Bring items to create shade around your campsite.

8. Pack light - Tennessee at night is not much colder than Tennessee during the day.

9. Bring a bandanna -- when you're hot you can soak the bandanna in cold water and then put it back on.

10. If you want to shower, be prepared to pay around $7 for the community showers. A good time to go is in the afternoon when the line is shorter because people are at concerts.

11. The comedy tent is air conditioned -- if you need a break this is a good place to cool down.

12. Check out bands you are unfamiliar with. Smaller tents have great shows and people are generally happier because it is less crowded, yet you are still at Bonnaroo! Mindreader2011.Bonnaroo.com is a program that will make you a personalized Bonnaroo schedule, depending on your individual music and art interests.

Bonnaroo is a four-day multi-stage music and arts festival taking place on a 700-acre farm in Tennessee. Tonight kicks off the 10th annual festival. Headliners include Eminem, Arcade Fire, The Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, Lil Wayne, Florence and the Machine, The Strokes, Robert Plant & Band of Joy,  Bassnecter, Mumford and Sons, Ratatat & many more!

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