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Robert Griffin III Kills the Combine, Several Teams Interested in Trading Up

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

RG3 will likely be a top two pick in this year’s draft, especially after his performance at the combine.

Robert Griffin III Kills the Combine, Several Teams Interested in Trading Up

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Since the number two selection in the 2012 NFL Draft will likely be quarterback Robert Griffin or Andrew Luck, conventional wisdom says the St. Louis Rams will trade the pick to one of the many teams looking for a signal caller. It's a weird spot to be in for the Rams, since they'll be going forward with Sam Bradford even though most would be more excited having Griffin or Luck lead their franchises for the next decade. When you add the fact that Bradford will make significantly more money than either rookie, it's got to be a tough pill to swallow. Regardless, St. Louis is looking to trade down and certainly has suitors for the slot.

It’s late February, which means the rumors and speculation surrounding St. Louis’ No. 2 overall pick have only just begun. In this infant stage, the Browns aren’t showing their hand by showing great interest in the pick.

John Czarnecki of FoxSports.com reports the Browns have been showing “weird, uninterested signals” in the pick.  Mike Freeman of CBSSports.com reports that Washington, Miami and Seattle have shown more interest in trading up for Robert Griffin III.

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Over the weekend, Griffin had scouts salivating when not only did he measure taller than 6'2", he recorded 40 Yard Dash times of 4.41 and 4.38. 

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