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So is Chipper Jones Fat or Not?

by Photo of Andrew Lontos

A picture of the Braves third baseman has led some to believe he’s out of shape.

So is Chipper Jones Fat or Not?

In this article…

Everybody's getting in on the fun of calling Chipper Jones a fat ass. Per The Sporting News, manager Fredi Gonzalez stood around the batting cages at the Braves' spring training facility this morning and puffed his cheeks to make himself look like a fat dude. When no one on the team noticed, Gonzalez did it a second time. Fat Chipper has been a good sport about it, though, and he eventually addressed his sizable matter with reporters:

"I come to camp (about) seven pounds lighter than I've ever been in camp and now I'm fat," he said after the Braves worked out. "I'm at 226, 227 and usually weigh 235."

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He's totally fat. And no, my opinion has nothing to do with Larry naming his son "Shea" because of his .964 OPS, 19 home runs, and 55 runs batted in during 88 career games at the Mets former stadium. 


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