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SNL Tackles Linsanity

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Just as SNL took Tim Tebow down a notch, SNL turned its focus to the media’s coverage of Jeremy Lin.

SNL Tackles Linsanity

In this article…

With a hot sports story such as Jeremy Lin, you knew it wouldn't be long before SNL had something to say about it.  And they chose to comment on the familiar nature that the media has played with Jeremy's race since "Linsanity" began. 

Plenty of media faux pas have already been made.  There was the Jason Whitlock tweet, the New York Post "Amasian" headline, the MSG fortune cookie, and ESPN's "Chink in the Armor" headline.  Despite the backlash that has followed for each of those incidents, they seem to keep happening.  Here's what SNL had to say:

I think that was a well-done skit. It didn't overstay its welcome.   It was able to get laughs out of the Asian jokes it made, but it also was on point with its message.   Would we be so comfortable making jokes like that about other racial stereotypes if Lin wasn't Asian?   It's something that was worth exploring, and hopefully the media will cool it with the race angle and just appreciate Lin as a basketball player.

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