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Dunk Contest Participants Announced

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

After last year’s spectacular contest, this year’s participants seem a little underwhelming.

Dunk Contest Participants Announced

Though last year's dunk "contest" was really a corporate hoax designed to get Blake Griffin and Kia as much air time as possible, it was still highly entertaining to watch.  Plus we had the star power of Griffin and the craziness of Javale McGee.  This year's contest is a bit lacking in star power, as the participants were announced just this morning.  They are:

Paul George, Indiana Pacers; Chase Budinger, Houston Rockets; Derrick Williams, Minnesota Timberwolves; Iman Shumpert, New York Knicks

So on this list, we have two rookies, one second year player, and one bench player.  Some casual fans must be scratching their heads.  "Paul George?  The guy's got two first names!  Iman who?  People still name their children Chase?"  But all of these men are capable dunkers and have the capacity to put on a fine show.  Let's chronicle to dunking prowess of this year's participants.

Paul George

The second-year player out of Fresno State is having a fine season for the Pacers.  He's shooting the ball from long range much better this year (41% from three as opposed to just 29% last year) but more importantly, he's dunking the ball.  Here's one of his finer efforts from this season:

Chase Budinger

The elder statesman of the competition, Budinger is in his third NBA season and has found a role coming off the bench for Houston this year.  Budinger aficionados are probably aware that in addition to being a fine basketball player, he was a world-class volleyball player as well.  His incredible vertical came in handy on spikes as well as dunks.


Derrick Williams

The second overall pick is having some growing pains with the Minnesota Timberwolves this year, but he's going to have fellow rookie Ricky Rubio around to throw him pinpoint passes.  Williams could put Rubio anywhere in the gym and the Spaniard would still get him the ball.

Iman Shumpert

Many are skeptical of Shumpert's inclusion, seeing as he has only dunked the ball 10 times this season.  But when you get Shumpert, you get Jeremy Lin involved.  Like the NBA was going to say no to having Jeremy Lin help out during the dunk contest.  Also, Gian Casimiro of Posting and Toasting may have already figured out what kind of prop the two are going to use (hint: it rhymes with "ouch").

Although on the surface this may seem like a bland dunk contest, I'm sure these guys will come through with something to get us going.

Let CHARGED.fm get you to the NBA All-Star Saturday Night.

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