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George Mason Tops VCU on Buzzer-Beater

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

While Jeremy Lin was beating a buzzer in Canada, Sherrod Wright was doing the same at George Mason.

George Mason Tops VCU on Buzzer-Beater

As if Jeremy Lin's buzzer-beater against the Toronto Raptors wasn't enough, we had a college basketball game end on a game-winner as well.  The parallels between George Mason's comeback against VCU and New York's comeback are slightly similar.  Both teams trailed late in the fourth quarter and needed a flurry of points quickly to have a chance.  In Toronto, Lin had almost 20 seconds to dribble out the clock and get his dagger ready during a tie game.  Not so much for Sherrod Wright or George Mason.

Check out the video shot from the stands (courtesy of Half Smokes):

Range.  That was from way downtown.  That one, to me, is even more impressive than Lin's.  While Lin's buzzer-beater let the anticipation build to a boiling point, Wright's had to scramble just to get into shooting range, then let it fly with a defender all over him.  Plus, if Lin missed, the Knicks were still going to overtime.  Whatever happened on Wright's shot, it was game over.  Epic shot from the sophomore to give George Mason the win.

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