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Linsanity Continues

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

New York’s newest sensation continues his dominance over the weekend.

Linsanity Continues

Jeremy Lin continues to defy our expectations.  A little more than a week removed from the waiver wire, the D-League, and Landry Fields' couch, he has strung together the most impressive first four starts in NBA history since the ABA/NBA merger all while leading the New York Knicks to five straight wins.  With the success comes the obvious overreaction and insanity, or Linsanity.  Just today, ESPN asked in a poll question whether Lin was the best point guard in the NBA.  What?

As a Knicks fan at heart, the irrational side of me screams, "Of course he's the best point guard in the NBA!  All of those other teams are just jealous we found him!"  But the rational side wins over, noting that we only have a small five-game sample size, albeit a brilliant sample size.  What Lin has been able to accomplish with this roster, minus Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire (and Josh Harrellson, to a lesser extent) is quite amazing.

And everyone thought that it would end this weekend when the Knicks played teams not named the Nets, Jazz, and Wizards.  With back-to-back dates against the Lakers and Timberwolves, everyone thought Lin would come crashing back down to Earth.  Instead, Lin dropped 38 points on Los Angeles and a disappointing 20-8-6 in a comeback win against Minnesota, going toe-to-toe with Kobe Bryant and Ricky Rubio in the process.

Lin is always humble after each win, heaping out tons of credit to his teammates.  They do deserve a lot of credit, but Lin has also brought this rag-tag group together along with him.  He's played without Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire for the last four games, and all four have been Knicks victories.  Here's the Knicks starting five over this four-game stretch: Lin, Landry Fields, Bill Walker, Jared Jeffries, and Tyson Chandler.  The first players off the bench are Iman Shumpert and Steve Novak.  Walker has had to play power forward for stretches.  Mike Bibby has seen extended minutes.  Yet this team has won.

Like Jared Dubin pointed out a few nights ago, it's an amazing confluence of events that have created this opportunity for Lin.  He has seized it and for now, it looks like he won't be letting go.  We still need to see how the team assimilates with Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony back, but for now we should all just stop asking whether or not this will last and just appreciate that it is happening.  He's not the best point guard in the league.  He is a remarkable story though, and it's one we should try to keep in perspective. 

Maybe Lin's performance against the Lakers set over some smooth beats will help us relax a little bit.


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