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Kim Kardashian and LeAnn Rimes Church-Go-Go Together

by Photo of Mary Delsener

Two Starlets Make Church The New LA Hot Spot

Kim Kardashian and LeAnn Rimes Church-Go-Go Together

This is a classic play out of the “how to rebuild your public image after looking like a self-obsessed bitch after a 72-day marriage” playbook if I’ve ever seen one.* It makes sense that Kim Kardashian would start going to church after she quickly went from America’s Endorsement High-End Escort to America’s B-list Weight Loss Pill whore. Churches are supposed to be full of people that love and accept everyone, right? So, when Kim tweeted last week that she wanted to start a bible study, well, it was met with overwhelming support. Just kidding. Because, yes, church-goers are loving and accepting, but they also, you know, believe in certain moral tenets that then lead them to JUDGE the heck out of people like you. And by “you” I mean, people who have sex tapes.

Kim has started attending Life Change Community Church, where the Pastor Brad Johnson, a family friend, preaches. While all of America rolled its eyes in unison, Kim decided a full-proof way to revamp her image is to bring along a celebrity known mostly for tweeting frighteningly anorexic-seeming photos of herself: LeAnn Rimes. So, yes, neither of these people are attention whores just looking to keep their names in the tabloids. Nope, their intentions definitely seem genuine to me. I predict next week Kim will be attending Sunday morning service with Kate Gosselin. (yup, went there.)

*That book was written by Kris Jenner, FYI

[Source: The Superficial]

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