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Ricky Rubio Talking Trash to Kobe Bryant is Amazing

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

Rubio and Kobe Bryant had a friendly exchange after their game on Sunday, and it was marvelous.

Ricky Rubio Talking Trash to Kobe Bryant is Amazing

If you have read anything I have written here on CHARGED.fm about Ricky Rubio, you will know that I have an undying affection for the Spaniard.  I love everything about him.  I love his transcendental passing game.  I love the eyes he has stored in the back of his head.  I love the flair he adds to his passes.  I love his drives to the lane.  I love his joy and enthusiasm on the court.  I love his mop top haircut.  I just genuinely enjoy the man.

I didn't know that I could love him more until I saw a video of him yesterday.  Rubio wasn't even playing basketball in this particular video.  It starts with a conversation in Spanish with fellow countryman Pau Gasol after the Timberwolves/Lakers game on Sunday.  Then Kobe Bryant came over.  What followed was pure gold.

Was that not gold?  In case you couldn't quite make out everything that was said, Big Lead Sports has you covered with a quick transcription:

Kobe: “You talking about London?” [to Rubio and Pau Gasol]

Gasol: “Oh yeah.”

Rubio: “You’re gonna be there?”

Kobe: “Yeah.”

Rubio: “You know you’re getting the silver medal. You know that.”

Kobe: “Shiiiiiiit! I’m taking bets. If I win, I get the keys of Barcelona.”

Rubio: “I bet what you want.”

Kobe: “I’ll take it!”

What's not to love about that video?  Rubio is adorable as hell while playfully ribbing Kobe.  Bryant had a genuinely priceless reaction with his "SHIIIIIIIIIT!" probably because he was so surprised Rubio had that in him.  From the very first NBA game, you could tell that Rubio had this air of confidence about him.  The plays he made early on certainly reflected that.  But it started out as a quiet confidence.  Now it seems that Rubio has embraced it and is really letting that confidence out for everyone to see.  Telling Kobe Bryant that he is going to win the silver medal at the Olympics certainly qualifies as "confident."    

Everything about the video made me so appreciative to have a player like Ricky Rubio in the league not just because of his basketball prowess.  The kid has genuine charisma on and off the court.  He's the total package.  Like I said yesterday, don't ever change, Ricky.

Let CHARGED.fm get you tickets to see Ricky Rubio and the Minnesota Timberwolves this season.

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