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Dez Bryant Being Sued... Again

by Photo of Ross Bernhardt

The Cowboys’ talented wide receiver will be facing some new litigation very shortly.

Dez Bryant Being Sued... Again

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Dez Bryant has been no stranger to legal trouble in the past, but Ian Rapaport of the Boston Herald says he might be facing a new lawsuit.  Rapaport says:

Cowboys WR Dez Bryant will have more on his mind on Sunday when he heads to New Jersey to play the Giants. The mercurial playmaker is facing another legal battle, this time in the backyard of his team’s bitter rival.

Endurance Capital Fund, a NY-based micro-finance company, is alleging that Bryant borrowed $100,000 and has refused to repay the full amount owed. The debt is now over one year past due, and Bryant currently owes more than $50,000...

ECF, which works with athletes and entertainers to help them purchase luxury items such as cars, yachts and vacation homes, is in the process of attempting to serve Bryant with a lawsuit, but he has managed to avoid the process servers in Texas.

Representatives for the company may try to serve him at the team hotel, but it also may wait until next week or whenever the Cowboys season is over.

That's definitely not the kind of thing you want to be dealing with when your season is on the line.  It's not like Bryant will miss the game, but you can expect the Giants faithful at MetLife Stadium to let him hear it.  Regardless, it's a troubling trend for one of the more promising young talents in the game.

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