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CHARGED Spotlight Games Week 11

by Photo of Tommy Dee

Ignoring trends is risky and probably stupid, but hopefully it’s time to get back on track

CHARGED Spotlight Games Week 11

Game 1: Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins

The Line:  Dolphins -2.5 

The Skinny: This is a key game for the reeling Bills who look to put an end to the Dolphins two-game win streak.  

The Pick: I usually bet the trend here seeing that both teams are headed in opposite directions. While the Dolphins are playing much better and the Bills are stinking it up, I think Ryan Fitzpatrick snaps out of his post contract signing slump and leads the Bills to a W.

Bills 20 Dolphins 17

Game 2:Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers 

The Line:  Niners -10 

The Skinny: Both teams coming off hard fought emotional wins against the NFC East.

The Pick: It 's hard to go on the road in this league after a big win and sustain that level of play. This will be a huge test for the 49ers and 10 points is a lot to hand over. The Niners will win, but it will be close.

49ers 24 Cardinals 20

Game 3: Tennessee Titans at Atlanta Falcons

The Line:  Falcons -6.5

The Skinny: The Falcons really need a win and face a tough Tennessee team coming off a huge win against Cam Newton's Panthers.   

The Pick: I rolled with the Falcons last week against the Saints and they rewarded me with this mind boggling decision from the sidelines. But the NFL is a league based on redemption and I'm sticking with the Falcons at home to win by a touchdown.

Falcons 31 Titans 24

Last week: 1-2

Season: 18-11-1

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  1. Norris Keene Jr's profile

    Norris Keene Jr

    November 21st, 2011 @12:46

    Football season is always exciting, but when the Super Bowl comes around, then the real fun begins...

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